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Humans are superheroes.

Do you know what’s the beauty of a human? It’s being alive even after your heart is shattered into millions of pieces. When you see yourself crying over someone, remember these days will go and there will be a new beginning. No past can ruin your future. It’s in our hands. We, humans, have the benefit of changing this as we want. To rectify the errors and make life beautiful again.

Everybody has something they don’t want, relations that are making them lose their individuality. I had a bad experience in that too but what I love about my past is that I am what I always wanted to be. Far to be reached by people who don’t value me. It took me almost a decade to understand that you are your hero.

Nobody is that fantasy appropriate as you and that beautiful too because when you fall in love with yourself you see that everything is beautiful in its way. We, humans, have superpowers for seeing things as we want to. We can’t change the colour of the sky I know but we can imagine that it is coloured by God and that’s beautiful too. We can be whoever we want by just creating it.

Broken or not, you are worth everything in this world and the human who says you are not, aren’t worth giving a second thought. Be a writer, write love that could make people crave emotions. Be a painter, let the shade change according to your fondness of colour. Be a dance, let everybody grove while looking at your feet. Be a singer, let them utter every word you speak. Be you and learn to be rare by being you. Humans have the power to change personality I know, upgrade yourself because your change couldn’t be as original and beautiful as you.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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