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Tea break

Let’s just share our tea breaks? Who wants a future, when your present is making peace in your heart. When I was worried about it, it made me anxious and troubled. Some people just come into your life for a reason. When I saw him, I understood that there is a reason for his arrival too. I didn’t cry when he did his part in my life, I knew he had to go.

The lesson I learnt with him, from him was so much to make me a better human. I want temporary people in my life more just to learn more lessons from them, as you don’t find diamonds easy. First, you find stones uncover them one by one and then you uncover the diamond. It is a long process of finding and not getting what you expected. Likewise, the humans that you want in your life comes after so much finding of stones that after a while you stop looking for them. That’s when you uncover a diamond. You dig and dig, but you don’t stop.

So what I’ve learnt in these years is you have to keep looking for diamonds but shouldn’t expect every stone to be that diamond. Stones are also valuable, like a lesson to be learnt but it doesn’t mean the story will always have a happy ending.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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