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Bleeding in paper

I write to memorise you in my handwritten notes,

rhyming with the sentiment of love.

With the seas and the river, I sit and wonder,

would you be willing to stand like mountains behind me?

I write to bring back you, from the tales

I had to stop jotting down to free myself,

From the baggage, I dealt with.

Inked in the pages, felt I was bleeding,

couldn’t complete my poetry, to be with you

I was sacrificing the dream I wanted to become.

Now I write to be with you and it’s a remedy,

to have you in the clouds above me.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


8 replies on “Bleeding in paper”

Thank you so much ❤🥀 I don’t know if I do justice to my emotion, but I do pour them on paper so that every person could recall everything relatable. ❤Your comment made my day. Lots of love.🥀❤

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Oh my god! Those emotions 🥺… I feel like the writers and poets can feel emotions a way more than average people. You succeed to put your feelings in words, normal people can’t do it! I love it! I really loved it!🥺

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