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His old lover

He wrote every day something for the one he thought would stay,

she was sleeping next to him, on the day of summer.

He took the blanket and asked her to wrap it around herself,

or else the winter breeze would make her sick.

She smirked at his affection of 60years,

“where would I go without your comfort?”, she questioned.

He let his hands in her lap and said,

I wouldn’t let you go even when almighty will crave your existence.

Written something for me today? “she queried”,

I asked the moon to jot down something for you,

by sewing his stars making it a carpet in which you can walk.

Let’s sleep before the sun come and shine,

I want you to be in my arms before the daylight,

uttering these words he slept next to her,

It was 3:00 A.M, she was slumbering beside her lover.

He noticed the blueish colour, screaming her name,

he was anxiously calling her,

she was breathing, the moon stopped penning,

his words came from the teardrops,

will be memorising you with the pages of my tale,

every woman I’ve ever written had your essence, was bizarre.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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