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Prevailing in our world

You saw her working hard, besides the voices, she couldn’t hear,

looked at her with remorse, did you do something for the unloved?

Her hands were shivering, the rain was just pouring in her world,

Felt guilty after glimpsing,

why did you go back to your realm before helping?

We see the sorrow of others, we feel the devastation,

we do nothing for it even when our hands

have everything they ever desired.

Why suffer the burden they held,

when you can’t undergo their dilemma.

Unpleasant their circumstance looks to us, we breathe,

while they are suffering, closing our eyes we go back to our glamorous world.

They are still undergoing that dreadful,

they are still crying over it, they still can’t sleep in the paths,

we are existing while they surviving.

I want us to see a little more than the awful situation,

let them have the love which is taken.

To survive with the beauty they deserve,

cause we are breathing because they are prevailing in our world.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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