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Dads kind words

Make yourself worth every penny you get,

that’s what I learnt from my dad.

He told me not to ask for things I can have,

to focus before the time gets to its end.

To the one your soul belongs will come sooner or later,

running after someone will get you nowhere.

Patience, when the hard work is done, is crucial my love,

the time you think you are losing know that your victory

it’s just one step away from your hands.

Walk in the bridge like an empress,

even when you think you’ll fall in the dress.

For you, your walk should be powerful and elegant,

while sinning remember, there is karma standing in the apex.

I learnt from my dad to be kind and polite

when the situation of the other person isn’t right.

To be there for the family before any chosen one,

they stay in your prayers even after demise.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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