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Similar palette

Why have the feminist words become so disliked by women these days?

Why can’t we understand that misogynists and feminists aren’t the same?

I somewhere heard that when you are saying,

feminist people think about all the powers women want to be superior to men.

Why aren’t we getting that love some people held back then?

I know the answer somehow, because of the wrongdoing of the powers that are given to the female.

I say shout when need to, scream when touched like an unconsented muse.

React when done unlawful, be responsible for the powers they have granted you.

Say feminism when you mean equality,

as there are misogynists who take words for granted.

If treated as an object, be a sabre, you aren’t different,

even when we may be of the unusual colours,

but are from the same palette realm.

When you say you are a feminist, stand by it.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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