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Unrealistic movie

Why don’t these stories have you and me together in the climax?

Why does it all have to end?

When now I look at you why those memories don’t come back?

All these qualms are stuck in my head.

Why the fear of losing you have left my heart,

is it normal for you too, being apart?

I don’t see tears running from your eyes,

leaving me does feel paradise.

Expecting the unexpected has always been wise,

your existence is a nonentity to me likewise.

I don’t yearn for you now, my ears don’t crave your sound.

Maybe the part you were enrolled in has been completed,

I now thank you for teaching.

People come into our life with roles they play,

it’s like a movie with the names unchanged.

Searching for love is unrealistic,

it will find you from different places.

So now the end I don’t think about

if it’s meant to be, it will be, if you’ll dig through it you’ll fall.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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