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Kargil (3 May 1999 – 26 July 1999)

The bullet in their chest made everybody whimper,

maybe their soul rests in consensus the whole country shivered.

The love for the nation was never lacked by their hearts,

I’ve never thought of somebody so selfless,

“Yeh dil manghe more” aren’t just words for us.

Walking up the sand, no fear was bigger than that love,

victory in eyes they knew even if they die,

they’ll be alive in the flag-waving after.

Some were wrapped in the flag, some were hosting it with us.

Kargil wasn’t just a war accomplished,

it was half of our soldiers abandoning the world.

We do worship the trooper who lost themselves for devotion,

for proving the blood, our warriors were sheding it for us.

-Riya Shah

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