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APJ Abdul Kalam (October 15, 1931- 27 July 2015)

He served our nation as a President,

Missile man for Indians, you might know him as A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

11th President of our country,

he is worshipped by many, recognized as peoples president.

A simple living was what he believed in,

his thoughts are still being idolized by us.

A writer, his book was named India 2020 (A vision of millennium).

He jotted down an autobiography to cherish his life,

wings of fire, in which he mentioned

his life struggles, hard work and luck.

His life showed him ups and downs,

directed him to Indian space research.

A politician, not politically involved,

a scientist always ready to rewrite our worlds.

Follow your dreams, as you are born with wings he said,

he wasn’t just a president he was an influencer.

His soul is in peace, I know, as there was so much knowledge he delivered,

our missile man surely served his love

to the nation along with the world.

-Riya Shah

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