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A rare horse

I planted that dream in my heart, and when it became a tree I was delighted by the fact that it came into my mind. Have you ever seen a little kid writing about how she wanted to become a rare human instead of being a doctor, engineer or anything that would pay them a good living? No, right.

I almost saw myself as a bird coloured pink and white, having wings that were made of gold and eyes colour we’re like they were dipped in a chocolate box and vanilla essence at the same time. I was rare I knew when I saw myself left out from a group that was all princess and glam, talking about the prince in the fairy tale rescuing them from the demon. I never understood why they don’t speak about them rescuing the demon instead from his world. A horrifying world where he was taught about everything horrible to commit.

When I was 9 I remember a human telling me that how my mom said “she is average at everything ” little did she knew I was building stories in my head. I was always a superhero in those tales. Unicorns attracted me but not in a way they attracted my friends. I wanted to fly, being a unicorn in the sky. Everybody would see me flying beautifully. I was too amazed by the fact that a horse could fly while looking beautiful.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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