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A wrestler in love

The day he was born his dad had plans

about how he wants his child to be the best wrestler in the world.

Okay, fair enough I said.

So why is he yelling at him when he has achieved

what his dad always wanted from his son?

He saw him with a guy and they were breathing love.

So what’s wrong with that don’t homosexuals have the right to breathe in this world?

He left him in front of people questioning his manhood

What’s wrong with the gender you were given?”.

He when questioned this, his son was crying,

leaning towards the wall that was giving support

that he always wanted from his father.

“Why do you think that I am not a man anymore dad? ”, he queried.

Men don’t love men, we love the opposite gender.

So isn’t love gender-neutral?

Why do we think that a boy couldn’t fall in love with someone’s soul,

why is it always have to be her?

A wrestler won that match that day holding hands with his lover.

-Riya Shah

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