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Would you rather

Would I rather go for something more permanent? Yes, I will. Sometimes I feel we humans do everything because we want to, not because we need to and that’s what makes it different from that imagination of ours. We eat fruit before it gets developed, for the sweetness that we thought it would contain and then it doesn’t taste like what we thought it would. Complicated isn’t it. How life throws us mangoes and then expect that we won’t eat it. Who wouldn’t eat mangoes after all? We all love mangoes.

Anyways what I want to say is we should rather go for things that are necessary for us in our life rather than the things that we wish to have. Romeo wished Juliet, you know what happened right? Cinderella was looking for freedom, she never thought about a prince who would pick her shoes and run after her and then would see everybody’s feet in the entire kingdom so that he could marry her. Not even in her weirdest and most fascinating dream she had imagined that but that did happen.

Become Cinderella even right now you want to be Romeo, don’t ever search for something that won’t last forever. You will last forever. Your self-desire would last forever. People won’t last forever. Search for peace, independence, self-love instead of searching for a lover. So now, would you rather go for something more permanent?

-Riya Shah

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