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Beauty of living

I wrapped around the blanket all over myself,

ran towards the lavatory and screamed, “Why am i covered In Blood?”

“Where is it coming from?”

What will I say to Mumma if she saw this blood all over the sheet?

I looked at the mirror and all these thoughts were horrifying me,

as I never saw this much blood in my body.

She knocked on my door and my darkness kept circling my thoughts,

I wanted to die before confronting her the mistake.

She banged the door and yelled, “why aren’t you coming out? ”

Die, if you want, don’t close the door, as it is difficult to unlock your thoughts.

My weeping sound was echoing in the privy,

she lost her calm and tried to smash the door without even thinking.

Knocked it out, in a second she was inside,

my momma did saw that poison in her daughter’s hand.

Threw it away, hugged and said, why are you wrapped in a bedspread?

I cried and mumbled, I did something,

and I don’t know-how, I am covered with blood all around.

She saw me and panicked, I wasn’t ready

for you to get puberty this early.

Held my hands and wiped all the stains,

uttered holding tears “here I welcome you to the beauty of living my love.”

-Riya Shah

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