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She doesn’t listen to you, as she has been awakened from her dreams.

She has so many things to speak,

stays quiet as utterance makes her sleep.

He came closer and showed all the things that were glory,

and asked her to change them, so she did,

as to be beautiful in eyes of his lover.

Those sunflowers in her yard, he said wasn’t nice.

So she planted roses, to be delightful in his world,

I wish I could say that she was so unique.

He wanted her to be usual and that wasn’t her,

she was some raindrop poured in his cup.

Now she doesn’t let them decide

how to enhance the garden or her,

she keeps up with the words, wouldn’t admire the sun

even when it shines brighter.

Changed for the better, done with the love,

that’s more beautiful than that I found enough.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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