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For you

I don’t want to cry over those memories of you that keep me awake on the nights, that you said are long enough to talk but I wanted them to be longer. The clock hands still make my heart worry about paranormal, but now I don’t call anyone as nobody would care if I get a heart attack or my body goes numb when I see things differently than usual. I now don’t hold my heart while talking about things that I adore, because I know nobody would understand that the love I have within is far heavier to hold than to give.

Showing people my tears wasn’t my thing when I was with you, but now I cry in the beginning thinking it wouldn’t give me a happy ending and it breaks my heart over and over as I don’t want to end again. I don’t have the strength of being the version I left behind as that belonged to you, even when you damaged me several times.

I want you to remember when I said “my beauty wasn’t appreciated much, but it will still belong to my sun” I was talking about you. You are my moon, my sun and every star that once belong to the sky and broke while giving light. But I was broken too while fixing you and collecting all the pieces, I harmed myself for you.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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