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Process of shining

Let’s believe in the process of getting. Everybody has dreams that make their nights longer and days brighter. Waking up for fulfilling them and hustling hard every day, putting together pieces that will make them attain it someday is all they know about. A part of me has dreamt about selfish things that aren’t destructive for others but at the same time won’t bother them.

I’ve dreamed about colouring my sky pink and my land greener with trees longer than my hustle. I’ve dreamt about my people’s prosperity, my people’s luxury, my people’s health and that’s selfish too.

Done with losing humans now. I want everybody who is a part of my life right now to be there when I will have everything that I desire, I want my people to dance in my laughter. I don’t want their roles to end in my life if God had sent them to me now. I want him to let them stay till I die and even after the. I wish everything stays this way but gets happier.

My sun shines in the morning, prettier.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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