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Reward of utterance

Why didn’t I stopped when I met you, I knew you were the one I dreamt about. Every step of yours had my eyes, my rhythm and the verses that I write but I was afraid to speak those words as I wasn’t ready to be your companion. Every word and song you said made my heart feel butterflies and zoo, but my eyes said all the moods I never felt for you.

I pushed you harder when you told me that love can be between friends too. Never wanted to complicate those emotions and fireflies that I had in my garden making me see the way through your heart that was half mine, the other half of it I wanted to have, but never asked for. As I never knew that one day you’ll leave and recite all those feelings and ask me to answer things that I could even accept within.

When did I start having those mountains around my heart, that never had my part and always kept me away from you? I lost you in that past fear, I lost you when I didn’t shed tears. I lost you when I needed to the most and the feeling of never awakening again is the feeling of leaving from the essence of you. I wish I could make your stay longer, even after knowing that the staying would be the reward of utterance.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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