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Mermaids couldn’t run

Yes, you did say sorry, but in exchange for my tears and screaming that I couldn’t understand. Why would I be the mermaid when I need to walk for my development? Every day when I see my eyes now, I see you with words that may sound beautiful to you but are a burden to my ears. Maybe, the meaning of beauty has changed in my life, and now all I think about it is as a curse.

I never asked for your touch, I never asked for your love and when you bestowed it to me I didn’t utter a word. Where are these emotions coming from, my love? I step forward with the thoughts of never looking back, I can feel you holding me with your hands. Now that I don’t want our connection back the hold hurts and makes me want to run from you and then I suddenly realise that mermaids couldn’t run.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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