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I don’t fear betrayal

When I saw him, there was nothing so fascinating about love in my life, “no I didn’t want someone this time my heart mumbled”, as you and he would be a disaster too. I didn’t want another human in my wardrobe -“he uttered”. Undue will be the love and affection, there might be a feeling of suffocation. The one in which you’ll have to take steps that would make a thousand people suffer, what if you again fell in love, what if he didn’t?

With all these concerns my heart had, I gave myself a chance to be.

To have all the things she wanted but couldn’t plea.

The one who mistreated I wouldn’t let him win this time, the one for whom I was the second one wouldn’t be the first in my mind. With the flies and the birds, I chose to drift, here I was waiting for myself to be selfish. A share of mine was with him, a piece that existed wasn’t still breathing. I wanted to create him, but I couldn’t, what could I colour his heart that wasn’t broken. So I shaded myself black, with the darkest of ink I could find, with the eyes he loved redefined. Now I don’t fear betrayal, now it’s just me fearing love.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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