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Meaning of love

All your life, you cry for someone to match the vibrations you own,

suddenly the bare minimum you choose.

How can I define love when I don’t know the meaning of the deep,

all I can say is I fall every time with the feelings leaf.

I somewhere have understood that you becoming my fantasy

isn’t worth losing the paradise I dwell in.

Maybe in a different world, I could meet you, in the world of forgiving.

Where I could see all the lies and the certainty.

Where I glimpse all your happenings!

More clear I would get, would your weather treat me right?

As when you’ll ask me about love,

I’ll be blank like that blackboard in your hand,

thinking of all the things tickling me

yet the meaning of it, I couldn’t jot down in my poetry.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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