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You have to feel pleasure in the sky surround by the birds creeping at everything unacceptable yet beautiful to exits. Why is life so much about excepting unusual and ignoring what’s beautiful? A few people understand you and the others are pretending to be nice, to be kind and that’s pathetic too. Why am I the only one overthinking what’s unheard by a few? Speaking about the treasury that life gives, they steal the show.

I being the mermaid sees them, bluff beauty and leave without showing my view. I am normal, and that’s unacceptable too, in the world of unicorns that fly in the sky, adore it and am always left in the water of my tears that was never flaunted by me. Who even wants to see the crying behind the grace, am I kidding myself to be an exceptional face. What am I doing with myself?

-©Riya Shah

By Ray


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