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I met a girl

I met a girl who suffered from mental abuse. I was heartbroken!! I could sense her bruises and the ache she held, smirked looking at me and cherished my smile whispering “I look beautiful”. I muttered “I know” and laughed at how I try to be all cool and sorted at times.

“How are you so full of life? – she questioned”, I let out all the mastery of being in the devotion of the soul I possessed. I chased the stars with the moon, I began to display grace that wasn’t there before. My nights do have him, my heart still craves, his glee is what I express. In these poetries of mine, they are read by thousands. I am soul depicting him, for me love is a goddess.

She said she felt the same but those marks still hurt, I wish I could go back but now his soul feels like a prison.

I didn’t inquire about her past, I couldn’t interrogate. For me, that kid was me having thousands of questions, answering none. Held her hands and glanced at her, do you see how I am your reflection, do you see now?

Grow before you go to the zone where they couldn’t find, sometimes for the world, you have to be fine. See your worth and laugh at every emotion of yours. Love, hatred and anger would define you as a whole. When you’ll feel like going back, try to control, and if you choose to go remember the night doesn’t affect the moon just to show himself superior?

Yes, mental abuse is also as disastrous as physical. You can cure both unless you don’t want to be healed.

Be the Sun now, your beauty was already admired by your lover, in the morning be the shine, show how beautifully you can fall with the nightfall and rise again in the dawn.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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