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I want to answer

I want to answer all his questions tomorrow. Before I could confide what those butterflies are all about, can you tell me whether my answers are acceptable or am I just contradicting all my words?

He asked me why my lips turns half-moon when I glimpse in his eyes. Like the stars beside the moon wanting attention every second! Why every word of mine spoke love in the daytime and wanted to disappear like the sun in the night.

To this, I want to confess that for the nights I’ve been sleepless I urged some presence of love. When you held my hands I overlooked my devastations. I couldn’t smile before! My moon now is visible because of you even if it’s half, I know you will love it as it is. Half sometimes is more than enough. In the daytime, I cherish life remembering that it gives birth to love, at night I become the star falling for my lover.

I want you to know that I am a whole universe in itself.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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