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You Need To Stop

Sometimes when you again feel those feelings for someone else after your heart has been broken a thousand times. All you need to do is stop. Before you are again trapped and those curtains turn into the colour red. And you can feel that that baggage would make your eyes tired, leave.

My mom once said, “ same mistake is made once, the other time you commit it, it automatically becomes a pattern. You can’t follow a pattern and damage yourself by getting hurt ”. You being a human being should never cross boundaries again, even when you are intoxicated. Not is a state of insobriety, you can be intoxicated sober too.

Sometimes you can lose your sobriety in someone arms looking at the sky, full of birds and all you can feel is their hands holding you like a blessing. You can lose yourself in sentiments.

And that is when you need to stop.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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