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I need therapy too

I know it isn’t easy for you, I believe,

I need therapy too!

For the life, I sculpted myself,

from love and tenderness.

The terrific past I could see,

from my actions and outcomes

that I feel, isn’t me.

I could see my outrage

is something I was unapologetic about,

now my moon scars are mistakes

that I own up in a single vow.

Don’t you think your canvas is bothered

with the colours they put you through,

It isn’t just you, I need therapy too.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


85 replies on “I need therapy too”

Oh honey he didn’t make it into MY garden he barely made it into the entrance of the first gate. My sanctuary remains in tact. As I said earlier my self love game is on point. It takes a lot of but I’ll up trust for me to let someone in to. My inner space and Eric didn’t make proper efforts I’ve got a lot of goodness going on that he never got to experience because he was so shallow himself he barely experience the surface

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Because unloving someone makes you realise that what you loved in the first place was nothing but the best of them. I want to remember him for the scars he engraved on my heart so that I could back off before loving somebody else.

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Dear he can give up all he wants he’s been doing a great job at giving up on life since he was born. Still stuck at the cognitive development of a 15 year old. Facts. It’s we he started doing hard drugs. Definitely shows!

I know my worth he’s definitely not allowed into MY garden 🪴 the one he never made it into in the first place

It still don’t change that he owes accountability for why he did

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Nobody can. Sometimes having somebody so loving is destructive, you go into a dark room and think that they’ll remain there in your darkness. Nobody can.


Honey, I’d already found that in myself. When i CHOSE To be with him it was because I wanted him there NOT because I needed him.

He and I were not the same.

He NEEDED Me stated it often. Meaning e only found use for me. Never gunuinity.

I came in with genuine intent. Therein lays the difference

I am strong willed about MY self love meaning I set boundaries he tried very hard to cross boundaries it was his only goal.

Therefore, he took it upon himself to “punish” me for

1. Not being naive enough to fall for the manipulation

2. seeing through the bullshit

3. Calling him out on the bullshit
4. Not enabling the behavior or addiction

the mere fact that he took it upon himself to play god that night is a serious cross he must bear

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