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In her father’s arm

A breath he gave her to bring her to this world,

her mother feared strangers knowing that the world was brutal for “her”.

She wanted “her” to be safe, he was the only man she would trust,

as he had an essence of him within “her”.

A few months of delivery, the child senses unusual,

screaming the hurt of pain between “her” legs,

something was happening unjust!!

“Her” mother pointed up the distress, he said it was normal,

infants do cry maybe she is craving in hunger.

Took “her” to the doctor, the doctor couldn’t believe,

a daughter of 4months wasn’t safe

around the one who brought “her” to exist.

“Her” mother couldn’t hear the truth as the pain was extreme,

in “her” father’s arm, she was facing reality.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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