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What’s withholding my hands?

I asked him to wrap me in his arms before I flee away,

he took my hands off and pushed me away.

Why would he do that to me, I questioned myself?

Why am I the leaf stuck in a grassland?

Was he shy to be himself around people unknown,

or am I too much for him to soak?

When in the darkroom he came closer to my snow,

wanting it to be frozen in love

outside of which he didn’t know.

He took me in his arms, feeling manly about himself,

where was he in the crowd when I wanted his help?

Smiled at me with all the confirmation of possessiveness,

I wish I could bear the love but I couldn’t understand.

Why did he push me when he was in love?

What’s withholding my hands?

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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