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You are your saviour

The stars queueing up in the sky, tell me that nothing in this world could happen to you as you are your saviour. With a sword in my hand and broken pieces feeling like an accomplishment, I understand the word rebel as I am one. When I see the moon I can see the glory that I will be getting in the next few years, after serving my purposes of happiness. What if happiness doesn’t bring satisfaction to my life? “I question myself sometimes.” Maybe, I’ll try something else with the hope of contentment again.

What is life?

Life is the miles you walk for the little quirks and satisfaction that you want to have for a minute or two. You don’t walk for the pleasure it gives to your soul but remember “wanderers don’t want to reach the destination, they want to live the walk”. I want to be a wanderer someday, with all the satisfaction in my eyes for the process of creating, then the final result itself. The hungry soul I know would be happy with myself then. Sometimes I feel that I am working for something materialistic that would somehow fulfil my living but not life. I don’t want myself to be stuck between what they think is an achievement and the real achievement that I want to earn. I don’t want a living they crave for, I want the living I crave for. That is my real problem I guess. I don’t know how to be in love with the process.

Even when the sword is in your hands:-

The sword I know is in my hand from day one, but I believe that’s not enough. There are enough battles I have to fight with myself that I don’t want to win with the world. Being your saviour can sometimes be as difficult as fighting for your country. The loss you face isn’t just yours, it is of all the people that believed in you. I can’t let them loose.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


2 replies on “You are your saviour”

Ohhh dear you!!!
I have been receiving your blogs through my mails and I just loved reading them all .

How do I tell you how beautiful you script your blogs….No words to the beauty and emotions you put into them …

I truly enjoy reading them


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