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Henry here?

I took him with me when it was midnight,

crying along with the beauty of my life.

He rolled his eyes and licked my blemishes,

my phone rang, he got petrified,

mama “is Henry with you?”,

Dad is asking for the last time.

I cut the call and held him up,

kissing him, wondering why is he so adorable!

He licked me back and held me tight,

Confiding I don’t need backing in my life.

Henry here! I heard a voice, wrapped in your arms,

as you are a deity in my defacing, mama.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


One reply on “Henry here?”

Hello ray. My name is sodd and I am an 11th grader. I was scrolling through Pinterest and ran into your picture with the 3 shadows. My art teacher is giving me and my class a project where we can pick whatever we want to do, and I wanted to know if I could use your artwork and paint it on the back of a hoodie. The peice of art really stood out to me becuase the way it looks shadowy(if you understand what I mean I’m not a good artist 🙂 I will not be making any money off of your art, just hopefully a good grade!!

Hoping for a response, sodd


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