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Nights for loner

Nights aren’t for you in love,

But for the loners like us.

Who try to hide from the conflicts of the world,

Insomnia isn’t just an utterance.

It’s a recession we deal every time.

Every second feels like years to us,

Loneliness isn’t a feeling, it’s existence,

In the facet of being in this world.

Tears don’t plunge to show vulnerable,

It’s a statement written quietly,

With the stars in the sky all dark.

No mattress to slumber,

it all decayed with the zeal to be chosen.

No addition comes behind,

In yet another gigantic night,

Which is outrageous to survive.

Anxiety took away our identities,

Though, nights inhale the sorrows.

We aren’t willing to survive awake,

But there is no end to our awaking.

-Riya Shah

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Falling in love

There are way too many topics to talk about but today I chose “falling in love”. As everybody is eager to talk about it.

We, humans, seek love as it’s something hidden in caves or the forest where wild awakes. In the roses, the ocean and the moon. Let me share with you a little secret, I have tried to find it too. Whenever I was lonesome I try to feed my hunger with people around who tried to make connections with me. I never found love but some awful people who were there with me for themselves. I was so much enchanted with some spell of revealing what love was, that I was used by many.

Sooner I understood that love isn’t hidden somewhere, it’s there in front of you all the time and all you have to do is to let it come to you. Cause when you say falling in love that means you can’t search for it, you feel it and then you fall for it. With the right person, at the right time.

There won’t be any guitar players to direct or somebody playing the violin behind them. Their hair won’t fly and there won’t be any movie scene to cry. Maybe some eye contact would make you listen to all the wedding bell you’ve wanna hear. In the moonlight holding hands, smirking face your eyes won’t meet. This isn’t what love is. It’s just a movie scene.

You’ll discern love in sacrifices, in the hard times and your low tides. In your lawns dust, not it’s flowers. In the prayers of your beloved. In the least expected soul, you’ll realize. Love isn’t to be found but plunged into.

-Riya Shah