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When you wonder about what-ifs,

You’ll be stuck having an eclipse.

In your eyes which never wanted the moon to get hidden,

It disappears like a song having no rhythm.

It’s wonderfully unimaginable by my naked imagination,

How can the moon or the sun pass by each other?

Intoxicating thoughts, worry arise,

In the demise, I won’t be wise.

I’ll be evident, you can see my soul,

Bottled up in my what-ifs, I’ll be long gone.

Why think about elements that aren’t a part of you,

Allow them to go from you before they borrow,

A component of your kindness as it’s profound,

Even though they make a jester of your wounds.

Your what-ifs can lead you to a place you worry,

In the ultimate, you won’t even overlook every fear.

-Riya Shah

blogging lifestyle literature poem poetry

Their kind

I let my bridge burn, as I was protecting my borough,

I was a clown there, everybody was snickering at myself.

I never implored them to comprehend me as I go,

They weren’t cherishing me,

Nor supporting for the facets I discovered.

In a place of demons, I was standing like a folk,

I demanded a place where I was never belonged.

I cried my tears out, I toil for there happiness too,

In the end, it was in futile as I wasn’t there trooper,

I was primarily shamed.

I wanted to light there dwelling to stay,

They simmer me thinking I was committing it,

to snatch their home to make my way.

So I let them believe I wasn’t their type,

I went to wonderland sitting in my sky.

-Riya Shah