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I’ve been tired

When I watched the sunset with you

it was visible in your eyes that you’d been tired too.

Of those who have turned you into

the heartless cloud of hidden emotions.

I couldn’t show you how much the pain existed

in moments that are beautiful to the world.

Unfortunately, two broken pieces when are collected

make things uncontrollably beautiful.

Like the stars, I believe are moulded and shaped in a way to show,

they have been paired with the shine of others glow.

Why is it so much to show my damages in places other own?

In the tears of showing your magnificence,

I wanted to utter that I’ve been tired too.

But all I said was “I’ll help you in the process of healing your soul”.

-Riya Shah

blogging Haiku lifestyle literature poem poetry

I miss you today a little more

More than the other days, I miss you today a little more.

With these shining lights covering every home, but ours!

I am still waiting for you to wish me, love.

I use to wake up to your voice at festivals,

your say meant prosperity and happiness all together.

The firecrackers are frightening me now,

can you come and hold me for a second?

I wish I could record the time when you complimented me a year ago,

nobody looks beautiful than you while scolding me,

“don’t go outside without wearing something warm, my darling. ”

I promise I won’t if you’ll come back and compliment,

I miss you a little more today.

-Riya Shah