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Lead me

When I dance in your space,

Lead me with every step I take.

As I’m amateur and deeply in love.

In your eyes, I see my guiding angel,

Protecting me from the world.

Every rhythm of the song changes your position,

I’m done with being your mere question.

When you keep your hands in my countenance,

I feel like a precious gem you secured since ages.

I wanted you to oversee me and tell me what to do,

As your supervision gives me the power to be.

Your leading gives me the undiscovered path.

These songs are unheard beats,

I listen to your voice more,

They say I’ve been your shadow,

Let me be one, just so I can be with you.

-Riya Shah

blogging Haiku lifestyle literature poem poetry


Your words are so kind,

That they drip wisdom.

Each letter has something,

I could secure in my dictionary,

which they say is your biography.

Isn’t it funny, they thought you and I,

Are a book of novels by different poets?

When we are a combination of different letters,

A word that sounds something divinely.

Rhymes with every other word

makes a statement which is perfectly ours.

They read it and mark it with their favourite highlighter,

A keep it folded so that they could feel what I feel for you.

You are a letter that everybody tries to get,

Cursive is yet written poetically,

In a way that discloses its intriguing,

And it seems like I’ll find it anyway.

-Riya Shah