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You appear and leave like in a blink,

My eyes replenished with tears as I admit.

I need you like that glass in my garden,

You make my vigour greener after every downpour.

Your mysterious laughs, you thundering warmth,

I wanna suffer you, eradicate storm.

As I’m the blaze, the uncovered maze,

And above all your gloaming ways.

I show when I wanted you to see,

What I’ve got, what I can be

When you transpired to me.

I became the Lucifer of your vitality.

The devil you always admired your life,

I came to be your delusion you strived .

scrape me with your claws,

you were bestowed fruit that you entrusted, everytime.

Nation do get what they deserve,

Sometimes they try fetching more than they’ve earned.

-Riya Shah

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Shattered family

But baby your tangled hairs are so delicate to be done, how will you bear the pain and discomfort. My fingers got lost inside those bushy pretty hay, let’s just get rid of them “He said.”

That’s how mom told you to get rid of problems before she left us?

Didn’t she told you that you are the most decisive little boy who could deal with any problem like the Iron man? Have you forgotten how she used to turn her apron around your neck making it a cape?

Hold this comb my warrior and just make this shit done, or else I’ll be late for my nursery class. I’m a grown-up now, and if I’ll be late he might punish me. After all, you can’t win against a teacher. “Emily smirked while looking at her brother.”

Dada, wake up!

Dada, wake up!

Drop us


Drop us to our school, or else they’ll know that you are unpunctual and lazy.“Ben chuckled.”And what about if they’ll know how my two little kitties who keep making fun of me like they are my parents. Opening up his eyes while trying to take a glimpse of how his 3year old baby girl was looking, he questioned.

Who dressed you like that?

Pretty girl! Why are you wearing lipstick and your mother’s jewellery to school?

Dad that’s how Mumma used to dress while going out didn’t she? Yes, but not for her school. Ben’s dad giggled. Kids, just go and switch to your school uniforms really quick. I’ll go and prepare your breakfast.

After reaching school the teacher looked at him and said its 8:15 Mr.Fekle why are you always late. You should put your kids in a boarding school, you if can’t deal with your kids.

Mam, sorry for this time. I’ll drop them before 7:45 from tomorrow.

We’ll see sir. You may leave now, she uttered with disbelief.

Coming back home, looking at his wife photograph his tears rolled out of his brown shiny eyes. Maybe, you should stay a little longer with us making me punctual and ready to keep up without you. It’s hard for me to be you.

I wasn’t ready for this responsibility, and it was you who made me half of the man I’m today. But look at them, these pure little souls always talk about their mother. I thought they’ll forget about you, but how can they. I can’t even do it myself.

Maybe you went a little early, my love, He numbingly mumbled.

Hey, dad, we are home. What are you doing with mommas portrait? Put it back. Remember you once said

“Gods place is in your heart, but to recall them you place images in your house, so I put it in our room.“Ben whimpered ”. I hope she’s comfortable residing here”.Emily completed Ben’s sentence.

The shattered family hugged while looking at their God portrait.

-Riya Shah