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Choosing life

Why can’t we choose our life?

Why is it so unfair?

What if I wanted to be a creature,

Now disappeared from earth.

I would have survived,

Unlike the others.

In the verge, humans would perish,

Different from the yore of the world.

I could have an unusual existence,

Where I would be free,

From the chore, God created, indeed.

Superficial happy, inside we bleed.

Privilege to live he gave us,

No alternative of the creatures,

What if I don’t wanna be a human,

But some vulture destroying the world?

With no worries about the good deeds,

Deity asked us to follow,

Obeying them repeatedly,

we’ve all become hollow.

So why can’t we choose our life?

Cause giving rise to something is beautiful,

Letting them become what they want, is a prodigy.

-Riya Shah

lifestyle literature lyrics motivational musings poem poetry


Knowing the count of place I’ve can never visit,

And people I could never know is unfortunate.

As I never wanna know the feeling,

It shows me how miserable my life is,

Apart from happiness and bliss.

When you want to meet the strangers,

From far away from the villages,

the cities and countries I could never go.

Those mountains peaks I never reached,

Will still be true to wanderlust,

Around the world, they’ll see

That I tried!

Still, I never wanted to recall the times I’ve fallen,

As the bruises are gone, but the pain is still worn.

As a cloak in the forests ambling around.

Quitting and weeping out loud,

As the trees don’t infer in person downfall.

-Riya Shah