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Power inside

I want everything as I’m lacking it,

In the drops of the rain, I see nothing.

Couldn’t understand nature and its tragedy,

Just being a bird who couldn’t flee.

Unaware of the blessing I’m bestowed,

Trying hard to get other rewards.

But the inside commendation is precious too,

Forgetting my powers and becoming a bloom,

All faded away from the heavy snow,

Becoming that treasure I was born with,

Will take some fondness towards it.

As I’m my impulse,

a push toward what’s right,

An epitome of gratitude searching for her light.

I wanna become everything misplacing,

As the sun in the twilight, darkness facing.

The light still gleams, in the evening,

Sun isn’t about the sunrise precisely,

It’s about the beginning and knowing.

That the powers inside you are there,

See them before they disappear.

-Riya Shah

lifestyle literature lyrics motivational musings poem poetry

Creativity follows

The beauty of art is when you start creating it,

It’s a different story in your head,

And until the end, it becomes something else.

Something you never imagined,

Your art creates some magic.

And masterwork becomes known,

Beautiful artwork no suspicion.

A portrayal of something phenomenon,

With the first stroke of colour,

Leading the way to a composition,

Praised by none but the almighty above.

That’s how creativity follows us,

With a feather pen having on hand,

Thinking of a character, showing its temperament,

Which is all different from what you thought it would be,

Still, you continue accepting it,

Knowing it will lead to your masterpiece.

-Riya Shah