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I haven’t met you before, or did I?

I haven’t seen you before, but should I?

I haven’t felt your hands on my shivering essence,

But I knew somehow I’ve felt your presence.

In most of my trembling nights,

In my ambience, you are like those fireflies.

Stuck between happening and ends,

You are my every “how it went”?

Like those earrings that I’ve kept in my drawer,

Hiding away from the gazes of my own.

As if I’ll see them, I will lose my sameness,

I’ll be fine “i say”, in my defence.

But fine isn’t fine enough,

Unfortunately, I’ve been dying for us.

I wish I could wear that red dress,

Covered with my hoodies and shirts,

I vow in front of the universe,

you’ll remain my first.

The first, soft bow to the clouds,

My umbrella in the downfall of doubts.

My yelling, uttering profanity, yells and shouts

My every day and forever mystical blackouts.

-Riya Shah

literature lyrics poem poetry

Lasting together

Are you the myth or honesty,

Or soulful superiority within me.

My beloved in my lightning,

You are that glowy white thing.

That bizarre that driving me crazy, still trembling.

You are divinity I reckon every morning.

Unheard truth uttered awkwardly,

You inhale and exhale my honey, bee.

Which all my vigour I kept within my soul,

Day and day I prefer you more.

Over my likings and the shore.

Over the whining and flicker, I wore.

I concern those things will get you apart,

Constant,you and I prevail as a part.

In the world full of the lineage of qualms,

You and I are jointly the benevolence, an art.