literature poetry writing


I ain’t destined to be with you,
still, isn’t it awful coming back together?
Like two bees to a blossom, 
mesmerized by the magnificence.
Admiring every single petal, and the bud keeping everything together.

Why I found my stability with you in a grassland
never acquired,
like a fiction undesired.
-Riya Shah

literature poetry writing


I have you, and that’s plenty.

You are beliefs that I hold up,

Like God have bestowed enough.

A medley of thunder and rain,

A distressing yet delightful feeling of pain.

When I have you,

It’s like having my uncovered mystery,

And the longest wave I could feel.

You’re the most satisfying occurrence,

You’re my conception towards

any ever after I had ever heard of.

And baby it appears valid to me,

more than it ever transpired.

-Riya Shah