poetry writing


He held me with his bare hands,
I was still believing,
it’s was the way he
keeps his favourite things,
making them feel alive. 

His eyes were gazing mine,
I assumed it was devotion,
Till the time his lusted eyes
Ensured his validation.

I felt every sin he committed,
But not the bruises behind my back,
He wasn’t my knight in shining armour,
My mum told me when I was 16.

I screamed, wondering it would help,
From the monster, I feared every time.
Hush, he said,
And I recalled my uncle’s voice
Enclosing my mouth so I couldn’t scream.

-Riya Shah

poetry writing


When you smell the fragrance,

Convincing you for the sin.

My love for you existed only

For the sense, you hold within.

Of the charm of your heart

And the grace of your soul

And of you as a whole.

The embodiment was a myth.

You as an entirety is

Forever my favourite aroma.