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My mistake

I’ve made mistakes too by trusting everybody,

A long time ago, I counted on sinners.

They said they’ll be generous to me,

Attempting to make me demonic identical to them.

But my kindness overshadowed them in their hell.

Jealousy evoked their fondness for me,

Which I never saw but felt afterwards,

They tried to pick a crusade, I was against the felons.

I blunder as I was undertaking the battle.

They tried to drop me from the red sky they possessed,

With the downpour, the rain kept the warmth there.

I saw them and felt a little betrayed,

expecting from the demon was my first mistake.

-Riya Shah

blogging Haiku lifestyle literature poetry poetry

Nothing acquired

When I knew I possess nonentity,

That time I understood,

Losing isn’t something I would be afraid of.

As the stars had fallen before,

I was searching I could wish for something.

The sun hasn’t shine beautifully in years,

You have already been fainted by its rays in hue.

So why to be apprehensive,

of the things that have already been arisen before,

The trees had been cut off from the grove that you owned.

When I say you have nonentity,

i mean nothing you have in your pot,

But a pot empty has a space to be obtained,

There is a reason why your desires you haven’t gained.

Run to abandon the world you don’t require,

And even when you mislay you’ll be on fire.

Nothing to miss or attain,

you are standing in a path

where there is nothing you can lose and nothing you’ve gained.

-Riya Shah