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God for granted

Why when you see something which is petrifying and is related to your parent’s you feel numb? A thunder rush in your heart squishing all the trees and shrubs. You sob and moan because you don’t want anything to happen to them. What do you wish for?

Today I saw a dream that shivered my soul. I saw my mother getting hurt that too by someone close. My subconscious mind didn’t know how to respond to it, so without thinking twice I just opened my cell phone. The first message I saw was of my mother. I opened it and it was “Take care of yourself, I’m worried for you”. A tear dropped from my eyes and I talked about all the things I saw in my dream with her afterwards. All she said was “you should sleep, or else your health will get affected”. I told her that I was very afraid of whatever I saw, so I can’t sleep now. She told me that your guardian angels are always protecting you. SLEEP.

Good morning people. I’m awake. Not because I’m afraid, but I’m feeling things that I want to share with you.

I know there are guardian angels who are protecting me and my family every time. I believe in them as I believe in God. Almighty who knows what to do with whom. But if these guardian angels are just saving me from all the chaos I want them to save my family. They are the only humans I can go to. The one who looks after me and let me be anything. Talking about my parents has always been a task for me as I get very emotional and mentally unstable when I say their name. So I’ll refer to them as Gods of my life.

There is no power that is greater than the power of who created me you. A creator is the most decisive and valuable. Have you ever thought that your mother is the only human who thinks about you more than herself? She wants you to be happy and gain prosperity even if you snatched it from her. I’ll let out a story that would be the best exemplary way to tell you what I mean is there is a woman in our neighbourhood, she was a physics teacher in a prestigious school at my city. She looks like a hippie. You can’t tell her by her personality that she was a teacher once. So recently her husband died because of some illness and after a few months, she came to the neighbourhood whimpering and saying life is meaningless without him, I’m the saddest person on earth. Listening to it somebody asked about the things that were bothering her. She replied to my younger son is unemployed and every day he and my older son fight for property what should I do. While she was telling this I looked in her eyes and saw darkness. Later she added they are just with me because of the property. I gave my younger son all money but that it. He never showed me the affection that a son carries for his mother and left.

I saw the pain and it was miserable. She who created you have already given you enough. A life to live is the best souvenir you can get. So first respect the one who gave it to you. Her abdomen was your home for 9months and her heart for the rest of her life. When they give you a life you should make a living out of it and even when you are not. Even when they are also giving you the tenancy just respect their selflessness. Never take things that are bestowed upon you for granted.

-Riya Shah

blogging lifestyle literature motivational SHORT STORIES

Monetary love

1-To the person whose priority in life is money

2-To the person who is bragging about it because of their parents or because of the person, they tied the knot with.

3-To the person who’s in a relationship because of money-

Do you know it doesn’t even belong to you? can you please stop flying because of it?
You have it because of them.
Because of their hard work and their sleepless nights.

You haven’t done anything, and you can’t, the reason is that you don’t have anything worth doing. You just know how to brag about somebody’s earned money and show it off like it’s yours.
When I was a kid I was told that money is something you can’t earn without hard work, after some years I was told that go and date a guy who is rich enough to feed you luxury.

But why? 

Like I don’t need a person to help me get food, I don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t earn for himself and his necessities, either. It was always cleared in my head that a man who doesn’t have his identity, earned identify isn’t worth giving a shot.
To everyone who is reading this, please earn your livelihood,
make plans for your future,
make yourself worth every penny you get, don’t run after money,
and never get into a relationship because of it. Money is essential I know but when you earn that money with your hustle it’s a different feeling.

No money which is earned by someone can make you feel precious. It can satisfy your demands for sure but achieving something by yourself is like plucking an apple by yourself and then eating it. When you climb in the tree, then pluck an apple and then when you eat it after washing that taste is so unusual and delightful. Try to pluck an apple by yourself. You are worth more than someone who is fulfilling your luxuries, you are worth more than somebody’s money. If you want someone in your life, please stay with them because they have fulfilled all the desires which aren’t related to something monetary. Ask them for time, and if someone is giving you their precious time it’s the best gift. Value time as it’s the only thing which doesn’t come back.

-Riya Shah.