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A woman beside every unwanted benefits she gets from the society, government and of course from her family. From the time she becomes the part of this world responsibilities that arise within her.Being a good daughter, being a good wife and then being good to everyone around her even when she knew nobody would ever consider her sacrifices worth calling sacrifices. She who can make this world stop in seconds. She who is unlike any other creature living for themselves loves them the same. She who doesn’t eat the whole thing before anybody else. Your hidden tears need no ones seal of approval to flow and the one telling you that tears are a part of weakness are infirm. Nobody in this entire world is vigorous enough to carry a whole life within her.

This blog is about a woman who was in relationship with a guy from past 10 years and is asking him to marry her cause she was carrying their baby from the last three months. The man wasn’t man enough to get committed and was telling his girlfriend to throw that baby as that was still a part of her body and will still be consider as her flash. She told him to either get married or to go away from her life as she was willing to give birth to that human with or without him. A part of her knew that she being a human can’t live with a guilt of infanticide.

I as a woman wanted to tell this story to everybody and specially to the females out there suffering from issues related to relationship with a guy and has no idea about what could further happen. Every step you take in a relationship can have repercussions. Love isn’t about doing something unjust, misleading and unacceptable.If the thing is done than stand up for it.

Committing a mistake is justifiable, disapproving it isn’t.

Accept whatever you’ve done. Nobody is perfect enough to never effectuate a mistake. Own up everything, as a human whatever you do is fine until and unless it’s about doing it intentionally. A woman who stands for herself, the whole world can stand up for her, remember.

So ending this short story which I would surely adore for life, as that woman stands up for her baby and was so much happy that she is of the gender with power. A woman have it all and it takes right decisions and a strong heart to be her own sword to rescue her from any situation.

I’ll end this with a short poem written by me –



I can’t fail as a human
I can’t fail as a woman

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