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The way he makes me feel

A sunset that doesn’t want any calming,

seeing it free in the sky feels pleasuring.

To the eyes and the soul, they behold it,

Like it’s been a treasure for so long.

Helping itself holding all the sky glow,

where is it supposed to be where there exists no snow?

To the soul, it makes all sense,

the raindrops knew the beats of existence.

The way he makes me feel is that I couldn’t conclude,

here is a small connection I deciphered

while stumbling in his view!

-Riya Shah

blogging Haiku lifestyle literature poem poetry

Happy being honest

On the feather, I found softness that his harsh hands couldn’t hold,

he thought I was a thorn when it was all blue.

I try to beat insecurities but left him with greenery,

I’ve been the happiness he’s been treasuring.

Shook my head when I thought he is misunderstanding,

I’ve been roleplaying with him since the morning.

The red carpet he said was beneath the bed we slept in,

was my bloodstains, no wonder I was misrepresented.

Kept my leaves untouched, so he could find pureness,

crazy how a feminist evolved into a burden.

To please the brutal I took scars on my back,

I know I was slavering in love,

I know I ain’t happy being honest.

-Riya Shah