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Thousand times enough

You being next to me is a thousand times enough,

to be of value and to be valued by some

gives rise to a difference that occurs in life for once.

Your love flows within me where am I now,

maybe in the wildness, maybe beneath the trees.

I have been harmed by beloved with swords provided,

where would I go with hatred

that I couldn’t give back with my leave?

For some, I left my empire once, I was bragging,

But for him, I left myself to make things work.

-Riya Shah

blogging Haiku lifestyle literature poem poetry


I drown when things don’t go my way,

that’s the way I pretend I am okay.

With the trees falling in front of me that I planted,

I shatter, I collapse and abide, with the dilemmas every day.

That when I realise that flowers that I grow can get broken,

with time things change and it’s realistic.

Stopped telling the stories that I suffered,

I get silent like the snow in the winters.

I drown before I show them the destruction,

I come back pretending my life is normal.

-Riya Shah