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I haven’t met you before, or did I?

I haven’t seen you before, but should I?

I haven’t felt your hands on my shivering essence,

But I knew somehow I’ve felt your presence.

In most of my trembling nights,

In my ambience, you are like those fireflies.

Stuck between happening and ends,

You are my every “how it went”?

Like those earrings that I’ve kept in my drawer,

Hiding away from the gazes of my own.

As if I’ll see them, I will lose my sameness,

I’ll be fine “i say”, in my defence.

But fine isn’t fine enough,

Unfortunately, I’ve been dying for us.

I wish I could wear that red dress,

Covered with my hoodies and shirts,

I vow in front of the universe,

you’ll remain my first.

The first, soft bow to the clouds,

My umbrella in the downfall of doubts.

My yelling, uttering profanity, yells and shouts

My every day and forever mystical blackouts.

-Riya Shah

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Ghastly dreaming

I wish we could understand what are real dreams are.

Apart from being certain about her goal, Elena wanted to achieve perfection on everything that others. An epitome of refinement she was. Her eyes were like a blue glittery crystal, beautifully rendered. That shine in those eyes made me realise how somebody could be so passionate about little things.

One fine day I went with her to a beautiful place near my house. Where we could see the sunset very closely. As the sun turned off, I saw some tears shedding off from her eyes. I could see, she was broken down. So I hugged her tightly and asked why are you crying? Did you recall something dreary? She told me “she doesn’t like when something just leaves”. I didn’t felt anything weird but beautiful about her that day. She was crying for a sun setting off, and I’ve always been an emotional fool. So I cried with her too.

After my thoughtfulness went away, but sad to her in an awkward way. Girl, things leave everything changes and we have to let them go. Sentiments are okay, but when you see somebody or something evacuating from your life you should smile and get rid of it. Cause when you let them go, something beautiful will come to you. She looked at my eyes with all of the emotion she had and said, you know you are the self-help human every person should have. That day we spoke till 2:00 A.M at night. I didn’t gossip much, as I like listening to people. So I asked her about her journey of success. She said I should start from the beginning.

Elena- I had an unhappy past, growing in a middle-class American family and then moving to India. Visiting a lot of places and shining through whatever opportunities I got it was very hard. We are white-people for you guys. We can’t be friends cause of some history that you and we had. I tried making a lot of friends, but neither of them stayed. 3months earlier I met a man in a shopping centre, he was 6feet tall and handsome. He came near me and asked, “would you like to have a coffee with me? ”. I thought it would be a great chance to be friends with someone cause this isn’t my home. So I said “okay”. We exchanged our numbers and then he texted me the place.

I was all ready and dressed up. I went to the place and he was sitting there already. With all the charm and honour he pulled the chair for me. So I sat with him and then we talked for a couple of minutes. Then he raised a question about my career. I told him that I came to India because I really like the culture and Bollywood movies. Abruptly, he put his hands on my face telling me that I was gorgeous and would glow if I’ll get a break. I was so confused about what he did to me, but that career thing overpowered that. I asked him if he can help me through it and he told me that I have a possibility, as he has a director friend who was very close to him.

We met a couple of times and started dating. Suddenly I had everything I wanted from this place. The human that I could go to, a boyfriend and a career that could pay me like a million. I started trusting him blindly. After a few days, he started to molest me. I became his property. I wanted to leave him and go back to my country, but he said he’ll follow me back. I was so terrified, I thought suicide was the only way, I could be safe from him.

He locked me up in my room and then he left for work. We lived in an apartment that was 20floors above the ground. I was ready to jump and take my life. Suddenly, somebody came to the door. I could hear the voice of keys and a man, he was trying to open the door. I was so aghast as nobody ever came to visit at this time. He unlocked the gate and was shocked as he looked at me. A wonderful-looking man, with brown hairs holding a suitcase. After so long I saw a human other than that molester. I was happy.

He asked me who I was and what I was doing in her room. I was surprised, so I asked him is Madhav your roommate? He laughed awkwardly and said, “He is my father ”. I was stunned as he told me that. Who are you? “he questioned then? I’m your father girlfriend I mumbled. He wasn’t actually very dumbfounded. And suddenly he came near and saw those bruises on my hands.

What are all these scrapes and cuts? Maybe, you’ve been into a fight or something. Did dad take you to the doctor? No, he didn’t “I replied”. It might be very painful, let’s go to the doctor. He took me down the stairs holding my hands and asked me to sit in his car. I was afraid that if Madhav would know that he’ll kill me. We went to the hospital got all bandaged and then came back to home.

Madhav was standing at the door, looking all disgruntled. But as he saw his child he clasped him in his arms and said: “It been so long, I missed you”.So did you meet my friend Elena? “he questioned him”. Holding my hands tightly showing all the untrue love that he expresses that he had for me. Yeah, dad, I met her. She is very pretty and I just got her bandaged from our doctor. She was hurt badly. Nevermind, I’ll go and change, saying this his son went off.

Madhav was so angry, he took me to his room and asked why aren’t you covered up? What are you wearing? How did my child saw all those marks? And suddenly, he took his belt and started beating me. I was shouting so loudly, as his kid was the only way I could go out of his life. So hearing my voice, his son asked what happen, dad? Is everything okay? Is Elena fine? Madhav was so angry that he didn’t answer thinking that he would leave after hearing no response. But he was wrong, his son pushed the door and he broke it. I was lying naked on the floor, Madhav had his belt on his hands. And seeing him like that he busted out.

Are you out of your mind? Are you even human? Saying these words he held the blanket and wrapped it up on me. And then he took me to the hospital. After there days when I came to senses, all I saw was a man. His head was lying on my bed, and all my quilt soaked his sorrow. I saw those tears in his eyes were so hopeless and unfortunate that I could help and conveyed: “It’s okay, he isn’t a good human but a great father”. Look at you, you are just the perfect guy any woman would want in her life. Listening to me, he said “Sorry, I didn’t know he was such an insane animal. It’s okay, thank you for coming and rescuing me “I responded.”

From that day I had a new dream, a new hope and a new approach to things. I don’t like it when something or someone so glorious vacates. Like Raghav did. I was sobbingly asked, Elena who is Raghav?

Oh! Raghav is Madhav’s son. He’ll come back before Sunday, would you come to our marriage? -Elena answered smilingly.

1-If you are with someone so toxic like Madhav, a saviour would surely come. But if not you have to be your own saviour.

2- No dream is bigger than your vibes. If you are getting bad vibes from a person offering you an opportunity, even if he/she pays you like a million just leave.

-Riya Shah