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He was chosen

He held her in his hands, saw me and said

did you make this beauty out of you?

I smiled and said, “yes, they didn’t accept the princess though”.

Looking at her eyes he was lost in thoughts,

will you marry me he said while gazing at those eyes

that was looking like stars in the sky,

saying for me, they glow.

Showing the concern nobody else did,

I was in love with the idea of him loving.

She suddenly clasped his ring finger smiled,

I knew my baby saw with him, her future life.

“Who am I to say no” I uttered chuckling,

she asserted all the things herself,

unsaid sentiments were then confided,

who said eyes of innocence can not speak what they want.

-Riya Shah

blogging Haiku lifestyle literature poem poetry

Thousand times enough

You being next to me is a thousand times enough,

to be of value and to be valued by some

gives rise to a difference that occurs in life for once.

Your love flows within me where am I now,

maybe in the wildness, maybe beneath the trees.

I have been harmed by beloved with swords provided,

where would I go with hatred

that I couldn’t give back with my leave?

For some, I left my empire once, I was bragging,

But for him, I left myself to make things work.

-Riya Shah