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I want you

I want you to be the shadow walking with me,

in the shades of my white attire cherishing my beauty.

That’s what I haven’t shown to anyone, in the fear of losing,

Like the flower fear its petals would be falling!

To cherish the decency of your soul,

hidden in the world where there exists wrong.

I want you to be the shadow walking with me,

sometimes protecting my innocence,

sometimes just making me feel like I’m your destiny.

-Riya Shah

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Apart (In the forest)

You and I are wildness and my poetries,

came together whenever in love,

Left when the forest was burning!

I now see that black sky, it made me realise the sin committed,

with you, me and my love for nature.

I sometimes cut the trees thinking

burden would kill them eventually,

my relations you see are still left in the grass of dignity.

You and I like the forest and beauty,

together we create refinement,

to the world and ourselves with sanity.

-Riya Shah