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I see resemblances of my feelings,

When I look closer to your gazes.

Are you my soulmate and of heaven?

Am I just reckoning exceedingly?

I’ve heard there are mates each,

I don’t have any fantasy about it.

Deep down, in my love-filled room,

I want someone to be there with me too.

Sleeping, caring and nurturing, and maintaining my woo’s.

Eyeing at the timepiece,

sounding like my existence,

It felt like that ticking feeling.

Which I never wanted to suffer,

Informing me I don’t have any lover.

I wanted it to occur as soon, as feasible.

Before the buff would perish inside

Waiting for the soulmate, God decides.

For every human possessing life,

As there should be somebody to lean on,

In our dark and dusky twilight’s.

Who could build a snowman without getting harmed,

In the winter weather could keep you warm.

Somebody who cherishes the sunset and the sunlight too,

As one confides ending is fundamental,

The other cherishes how luminous the beginnings are.

I need a soulmate as you do,

Who loves like wolves irreplaceable and eternal.

-Riya Shah

inspirational lifestyle literature lyrics poem poetry


I haven’t met you before, or did I?

I haven’t seen you before, but should I?

I haven’t felt your hands on my shivering essence,

But I knew somehow I’ve felt your presence.

In most of my trembling nights,

In my ambience, you are like those fireflies.

Stuck between happening and ends,

You are my every “how it went”?

Like those earrings that I’ve kept in my drawer,

Hiding away from the gazes of my own.

As if I’ll see them, I will lose my sameness,

I’ll be fine “i say”, in my defence.

But fine isn’t fine enough,

Unfortunately, I’ve been dying for us.

I wish I could wear that red dress,

Covered with my hoodies and shirts,

I vow in front of the universe,

you’ll remain my first.

The first, soft bow to the clouds,

My umbrella in the downfall of doubts.

My yelling, uttering profanity, yells and shouts

My every day and forever mystical blackouts.

-Riya Shah