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Family (2020)

I did learn too much from this year. As it has been a rollercoaster ride for all of us. Apart from the Covid-19 situation we’ve been dealing with, I just want to recognize 2020 not just because of the sufferings as it is a part of life. We suffer, we shatter and then stand tall leading ourselves to a place where there is just peace and joy. I want to acknowledge 2020 for letting me cook with my mom. She was so excited to teach me how to cook. We learned so many recipes together like a team. I never thought it takes this much of patience and understanding to cook a meal. Even steaming it was a task for me. It was the best year cause I find a friend in my mother who hasn’t forgotten that her daughter would prefer her over any of her friends. After all, eventually, they leave.

I have never been with my brother for so long. If it wasn’t 2020 I would have disregarded our relationship. Our fights overpowered our love before. Staying together was a tremendous change. We fought, we cried and then somehow or the other the bond got stronger and stronger. Now we’ll never have a roller coaster ride. That’s sad though. But apart from everything this year had taught me that family is the only place, only humans on the earth you’ll visit in the pandemic of life.

Those fellas who’ve been there when you grew up into this flower from that little bud are true to you. Nobody else can be this much compassionate towards you. They are your family for a reason. Every time I see my family I see broken people, some going through ups and downs still smiling with you while drinking a cup of coffee. They never will tell you what they are going through because they never want you to get damaged.

Many pandemics will come and go, these humans will always remain there for you. Maybe sometimes holding a traditional plate to greet you. Grasping you even when said you feel uncomfortable, they’ll hug you even tighter because they are the only uncomfortable place you’ll ever want to dwell with.

They are your home.

-Riya Shah

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I’ve Cried

I’ve sometimes shed tears for love,

As they aren’t the sign of the deserted island,

But a place with all the populace.

I cried when he wasn’t there,

To hold me in my dismay,

When all the people did was play.

With my emotions and sentiments,

In all the untrustworthy moments.

When I was denied being the truthful,

I sobbed when my family stabbed my trust too.

As once I called them my backbone,

Left me when I wanted to stay in the home.

When I thought I am not prepared to battle,

Handling sword-like a rebel.

In the darkest of nights fighting with wolves and knights,

Desolated by the world from years and years,

I was left unoccupied and painted white.

I cried when I won my existence,

From nonentity but the one who wanted me to die,

And when I found he was around.

Watching me conquer my fears,

bearing the pain of my wounds.

Riya Shah